3 Tips for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

3 Tips for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
May 2023

This dramatic lunar eclipse carries themes of intensity and release. It's also all about endings.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio is at 14 Scorpio on May 5 or 6, depending on where you are.

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Here are Three Tips for Working with this Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio:

1 ~ End something.

This eclipse is with the South Node, a point that is all about emptying out and release. It's also the last eclipse in Scorpio for this cycle. Honestly acknowledge something or someone that has become draining or depleting for you and remove it from your life. This sounds intense but so is this eclipse! Think detox, purge and purify. It's time to deal with any congestion or blockage that's holding you back. Ditch a bad habit to create space for something better. The 'something better' may take a few weeks to make its self known so focus on being in the emptiness for now.

2 ~ Rest and hydrate.

This eclipse is draining and can zap your energy, drive and motivation. Move at a slower pace and delay or put off anything that's not essential. Taking care of your body may need to be top priority for a few days. You might need to tweak your eating or movement habits to opt for gentle and nourishing and avoid anything aggravating or stimulating. Sleep disturbances are also likely. Hydration is SO important so keep up the fluids - think water, fruits and veg and herbal teas.

3 ~ De-clutter, Cleanse and Let Go.

It's time to let go of pain from the past. Healing and release work can help you move past an old wound, or find a way forward despite something terrible having happened. This eclipse has purifying themes and definitely expresses the 'less is more' maxim. In the days before and after the eclipse, consider streamlining and simplifying your space to remove anything that's broken, not used, or generally adding to any feelings or overwhelm, congestion and being stuck.

I recently watched The Minimalists show on Netflix which has inspired a big de-clutter of the junk in our basement. I thought it fitting that each day this past week I've trudged down the basement and pulled up stuff to donate or sell or pass on to someone who can use it. It's quite a pleasant feeling of getting rid of something that's just creating congestion in my space, knowing it will be put to good use by someone who has an active need for it. It's like getting energy moving, or creating flow, rather than having stagnation.

I'm also reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport which is helping me rethink my use of social media, as well as the kinds of interactions I have with people that are most nourishing. It's a super thought provoking read.

I'm struck by these two themes being so strong for me around this Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio, which can bring revelations and insights that prompt release and major shifts. Both the Netflix show and the book suggest this cutting back process, like a digital detox or the 30 day Minimalist Game, as a way to reset your relationship either with stuff/space or with attention and focus. It's really helping me tune into the deeper themes of this Scorpio eclipse.

I know I said three tips but the fourth would be around caring for your feelings.

This eclipse has a double water signature - it's in Scorpio and the eclipse ruler Mars is in Cancer. There are LOTS of weird moods and undercurrents swirling around right now. Notice what unsettles you and where or when you feel agitated.

Due to the eclipse ruler being Mars in Cancer, the sign of it's fall placement, this eclipse can reveal a weakness or structural flaw, where something isn't as strong or stable as you'd thought. While that can be distressing, it also provides clues as to what will need you best efforts in the next few weeks for repair and rebuilding.

In general this eclipse has wobbly, unsteady qualities to it. Go gently, with yourself and others. As you get a sense of what's really been going on, you'll realise what changes need to be made and where. Paring back periodically helps remove excess and keep you in touch with who and what really matters.

This eclipse might be a wake up call and bring a realisation about what you need to release so that you can grow in the ways that will touch you the most.

How are you experiencing this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio? What part of your chart will it activate?

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