Vale Queen Elizabeth II

The Astrology of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom's longest-reigning monarch, passed to spirit at the age of 96 at 3.30am on Friday 9th September, 2022 in Hobar...

Sep 2022

Tarot Style The Queen of Swords

Since antiquity, the Tarot has presented images stimulating our imagination and inspiring our divinatory powers.
But how are these archetypes found in our everyday icons of style?
Megan Skinner ...

Oct 2021

The Leo Full Moon Tarot Reading

On 1-28-2021 The Moon in Leo rose at 4:52 pm CST. It is in Leo until Saturday, January 30th, 2:11 am CST.
The Wolf Moon in Leo Tarot Card Reading
Major Arcana: Why it is Important
The 3rd ca...

Jan 2021

Sun in Scorpio 3-Card Tarot Spread

On 23rd October, the Sun leaves Libra and enters the magnetic and intense sign of Scorpio. This Water sign is one of the most intriguing signs of the zodiac, for it encompasses an astonishing amount o...

Oct 2019

Royal Baby Louis Horoscope!

The new royal baby is here. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge - and Prince William - welcomed their new son, Louis, a brother to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, at 11.01am in ...

Jul 2018

Eclipse Cover-Ups Revealed

Eclipses are always a cover-up. History and astrology tell us that. The dates eclipse cover-ups are revealed will not appear until 2019 and beyond, but as I write this just after the Super Blu...

Feb 2018