Astro Daily: February 8, 2023

Another Virgo Moon day, another day to pay attention to the details. If the Aquarius Sun helps us to see the larger systems of our lives, then Virgo shows us the smaller systems, such as the day-to-da...

Feb 2023

The Second House

In the series, Horoscope Houses in Astrology, I'll be going deeply into the meaning of each of the twelve houses for you, so that you can take your astrology further and understand your horoscope bett...

Jan 2018

How To Grow Your Goddess

Photo by Bobby Rogers
Written By Jaliessa Sipress
When I say "goddess," you may picture Venus, Aphrodite, Oshun or even Beyonce, decked out in gold and...

Jun 2017

Types of Religious Authority

Whenever the nature and structure of authority becomes a subject of discussion, Max Weber's tripartite division of types of authority figures inevitably plays a role. That is especially true here beca...

Jan 1970

Alphabetical List of Catholic Popes

The Pope is one of the most important religious figures in the world. He is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope has been a vastly influential figure in history. There have been many Popes ...

Jan 1970

What Is Chaos Magic?

Chaos magic is difficult to define because definitions are composed of common components. By definition, chaos magic has no common components. Chaos magic is about using whatever ideas and practices a...

Jan 1970