Thought Experiment: For Or Against

[photo1]'The Art of Stones' By Rasheedhrasheed
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 July 2019What are you, without the things you're against? We sometimes focus so much on what we reject,...

Mar 2023

The Anti-Attention 12th House

Astrology charts have something called the houses, and there are 12 of them, and each rule a different part of our lives and personalities. They have their own impact, their...

Feb 2023

Overcoming Jealousy

When you look closely at the word jealousy there's something vital that stands out. The feeling of jealousy makes you feel lousy! Karen Wolff of Christian-Books-for-W...

Jan 1970

The Names and Titles of Jesus Christ

In the Bible and other Christian texts, Jesus Christ is known by a variety of names and titles, from the Lamb of God to the Almighty to the Light of the World. Some titles, such as the Savior, express...

Jan 1970