Early Thoughts on Pluto's Big Move

[photo1]With so much to keep track of, it seems a good time to assemble a few resources to offer a perspective for some of the fantastic sky-earth stories wherein we dwell. This curated (and tiny) lis...

Mar 2023

Vale Queen Elizabeth II

The Astrology of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom's longest-reigning monarch, passed to spirit at the age of 96 at 3.30am on Friday 9th September, 2022 in Hobar...

Sep 2022

About my new photo…

I hope you like the new photo on this site!
So I wanted to thank her here and celebrate her as well.
I also happen to know that Samjhana has a few spaces for photos of magical female entrepreneu...

Oct 2021

An Act of Spiritual Communion

The Catholic Church encourages the faithful to make frequent, even daily, Communion. Today, the normal opportunity to receive the Eucharist comes at daily Mass. (In the past, many parishes, especially...

Jan 1970

Angels of the Quran

Muslims honor angels as an important part of their faith. Muslim angel beliefs are rooted in what the teachings of the Quran, Islam's holy book.
Holy Messengers
God (also known as Allah i...

Jan 1970

Understanding Omens and Symbols

Animal Omens
Dwi Yulianto / EyeEm / Getty Images
In many cultures, animals can indicate significant events to come. This may be based on numbers of animals, behavioral patterns, or other ind...

Jan 1970

What is a Lunar Halo?

So you were outside one evening for the full moon, and there was an amazing circle around the moon. Is it something magical? Could it be important, from a magical perspective?
Did You Know?
A ...

Jan 1970