Healthy Level Of Daily Stress?

Healthy Level Of Daily Stress?
May 2023

Hi, Elsa.

What is the key to maintaining healthy levels of stress per day, for a Mutable Earth sun, Mutable Fire moon & Fixed Air rising?

Anonymous in Malaysia

Hi, Malaysia.

Key here is what level of stress is healthy. If you define this word the way I do, the answer is none.

I'm not talking about Mars and challenge or Saturn and pressure you go up against. I'm talking about mental anxiety, which serves no purpose other than alerting you to a disturbance in your force. So in my world, stress is not something to cultivate at any level.

As an alternative, Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon, is a great place to start.

Mutable Earth sun - Virgo
Mutable Fire moon - Sagittarius
Fixed Air rising - Aquarius

Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon. You've want to converse with a broad variety of intelligent people so that you could learn and develop your ideas and beliefs as well as spread them around. Your rising sign is not a factor here but Aquarius has no problem with this pursuit and the computer allows you to maintain your space as your explore. All in all, you seem in good shape!

How do you feel about the stress in your life?

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