Learning Astrology – Lessons at Jessicaadams.com

Learning Astrology – Lessons at Jessicaadams.com
May 2023

Learning Astrology at Jessicaadams.com

You can learn about astrology and validated news predictions, free at this website, jessicaadams.com. You can also subscribe at The Sun Sign School for astrological research and study. By referring to the features on this website you can build your knowledge, no matter if you are studying astrology free, or paying for a 12 month series of tutorials. What does astrology see about the news, that journalists and editors sometimes miss?

Learning Astrology – Lessons at Jessicaadams.com
The University of Melbourne has some good guidelines about the way I use the fair dealing rules for news video or extracts on this website - to prove that astrology can and does predict the future - and how mainstream media does (or sometimes doesn't) show the full story, according to astrology. The mainstream media is often critical of astrology so it can be useful (if you are learning) to see what it catches, or misses, about the news - in line with horoscopes.

You'll often see my work used online to show how astrology functions. The Australian Libraries and Archives Copyright Collection clarifies that here.

When you see news extracts attributed to The Guardian, the Daily Mail, CNN and so on, with links, you can use real-world astrology in real time to compare to the original prediction. It's a really good way to learn, no matter if you are using the free classes here, or paying for The Sun Sign School. The University of New South Wales has good guidelines on this. Astrology cuts through the noise of multiple media. By using actual headlines, images or video I can show you how it's done and why the media can sometimes say less than the horoscope.

I studied astrology as part of my Ancient Civilisations degree at the University of Tasmania and I'm happy to keep on teaching you about horoscope prediction, online. Some aspects of my website are part of an enquiry into news itself - and an investigation into astrology as a news predictor - analysing how one lines up with the other.

If you are teaching astrology then please feel free to use small extracts from my website (free to all) if you want to illustrate a point, any time. Knowledge exchange is crucial to what we do. Thank you.