Psychological Shrapnel & Diminishing Returns

Psychological Shrapnel & Diminishing Returns

In the early 1990's, I went to therapy for three years. I was keen to turn up every rock I could find.

I was cautioned about this. You're doing too much, too fast! I ignored the advice, of course. It's my innards!

Ultimately, my therapy was successful in that I haven't needed any since. This is not to say that I don't have pockets of trauma, left unresolved. I most certainly do. But I've learned something from my husband, in this regard.

My husband is a retired Green Beret. He had a long a career; he was injured many times. Consequently, he has shrapnel all over his body. He's had a lot of it removed, but there are countless small chunks left.

The metal pieces move around beneath his skin. Sometimes the shrapnel is invisible. Other times the metal shards reveal themselves when they rise to the surface and jut out. You can feel them and you can see the shape of the metal that lives in his body, poking up under his skin.

This is painful of course. You'd think he'd go in have all the shrapnel removed. But there comes a point where the pain is not worth the gain.

I feel the same when it comes to my psychology. There are chunks of trauma that are still lodged in my psyche. They have the capacity to cause me problems, but I feel I will gain more, moving forward then I will by going over the same old ground with a fine-tooth comb.

Faith comes into play here. If a piece of shrapnel breaks through my husband's skin, he'll know it's time to see a doctor. Same with my psyche. If I wind up on the floor, I'd take it as a sign. But otherwise, we're both better off to look to our future.

With Saturn transiting Scorpio, many are plodding through their various pathologies, and confronting their deep fears. But Saturn will leave Scorpio in 2015. He's headed for Sagittarius, which is all about the future, opportunity and moving beyond.

Get all you can out of this period. Make bank! But realize it's a transit. It's a time and the time will pass.

No one gets through life without a scar.

Note... I wrote this in 2014. Seems worth a reboot.

Have you learned to move on?

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