What Else Horrifies You?

What Else Horrifies You?
May 2023

I realize some are horrified by my boasting or overt nature in general. The thing is, I have this Mars Mercury conjunction in my chart along various other things and I was just not born not to bleat! Some people are designed to make more noise than others. We just make a lot of racket while other people make none at all.

I don't see the problem with this. You're being horrified at me for not being like you is like my being horrified at blonde hair because mine is black. What I think is really horrifying is the idea we'd all be alike. How about we all have X color hair and speak Y number of words per day, at Z speed, exactly THIS LOUD? Would you be comfortable then?

If there is one thing you can take from astrology, it is the fact we are individuals and what I have noticed is some individuals are easily horrified.

*This post is from 2011. I came across it and thought it was interesting as a whole (incl' comments).

Name something that horrifies you and add the astrology if you can.

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